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About Kasese Municipality

Kasese Town Council became a municipality in July, 2010. Located 420Km from Kampala, Kasese municipality covers a total area of 174 square km. It boarders Queen Elizabeth National park (South East), Mt. Rwenzori National Park (South West) and acomodates part of the Rwenzori ranges in the same direction. We also house the cultural head quaters of the Rwenzururu Kingdom.

We exist to "deliver effective and efficient services to the urban community in line with natural and local priorities for sustainable social-economic urban development" through urban waste management, provision of urban road infrastructure, health and education services to the urban community. We strive to be leaders in the thematic areas of Tourism and Sustainable energy and systems. In doing all this, our vision is to have a "well planned, clean, green and poverty free municipality by 2025."




Tibihika Theophilus
Town Clerk, Kasese Municipality

FUNCTIONS OF A MUNICIPAL COUNCIL/CITY (Local government act Cap 245 part 5.)

  • Staff establishment structure and setting of renumeration standards

  • Setting of service delivery standards

  • Recruitment and payment of salaries of established staff

  • Property evaluation and valuation lists

  • Setting of levels of trade license and fees

  • Monitor the general administration and provision of services in the divisions

  • Ordinance legislation

  • Determination of taxation level and setting of receipting media

  • Procurement of drugs

  • Central laboratory services

  • Mortuary and cemeteries

  • Local examination in school

  • Procurement and management of refuse tipping sites

  • Procurement and management of heavy plant equipment

  • Loan repayment

  • Construction and maintenance of major drains

  • Installation of traffic signals

  • Road construction and maintenance

  • Legal services interpretation and prosecution

  • Architectural and design standards

  • Approval of building plans

  • Master structure plan

  • Cadastral survey and mapping

  • Approval of schemes

  • City councilors expenses

  • Street lighting and energy charges

  • Audit

  • Tender board expenses

  • District service commission expenses

  • Broad policy and objective guidelines

  • Advertising standards

  • Mailo land administration

  • Staff training

To download a complete list of functions for both municipality and division. Click here

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