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First time visitors in Kasese

We know that visiting a new place can be challenging with more questions than answers. In moments like this, some one to point you in a new direction can be quite comforting.  Here, we offer you some pointers of where to get some essential services under the following themes;

  • Getting around Kasese

  • Hotels and Guest house

Getting around Kasese

Kasese Town is really small and one could quite easily tour the entire town centre on foot. However is your not quite sure of your way around, commuter bikes (boda boda) are always an option. The later have a staging point at every street in the central business district.


Getting out of town

If you are reading this, you are considering public means as your primary option and you are in luck.

well, depending on where you are heading to, your choice ranges from private taxis for hire (Usually Toyota premios),  a mini bus (taxi) and a bus.

Hotels and lodging

There are a number of facilities available ranging from a few luxury hotels to a number of budget hotels.The luxury hotels price ranges above USD 50.00. In this category you find;

  • Hotel Margerita

  • Santon Hotel

  • Springs International Hotel

Most of the budgetlodging facilities will however charge between USD 7.00 and USD 14.00 per night. In this cluster there is;

  • Colin Hotel

  • White house

  • Rwenzori International

  • Uhuru 50

  • Virina gardens



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